The Smart Service Package is a

Special privilege for Ducati owners to use on all routes with confidence, no worries about the cost of maintenance. Your motorcycle will be serviced by specialist technicians. Trained in accordance with the standards of the manufacturer in Italy effectively. With the quality of genuine Ducati spare parts, only the motorcycle to the service center at the official Ducati dealers around the country. Special package prices include service fees, parts and labor costs.

Special terms and conditions for the Smart Service Package.

1. Take the Ducati check in according to the program as follows.

  • For Desmodue engines, check motorcycles for 1,000 km, 12,000 km, 24,000 km and 36,000 km.
  • For the Desmodue Scrambler Sixty2 engine, check the vehicle at 1,000 km, 10,000 km, 20,000 km and 30,000 km.
  • For the Testastretta 11 ° Multistrada engine model year 2010-2014 and Diavel model year 2011-2014, the motorcycle must check at 1,000 km, 12,000 km and 24,000 km.
  • For testastretta 11 ° engine, check the vehicle at 1,000 km, 15,000 km and 30,000 km.
  • For the Testastretta DVT engine, check the vehicle at 1,000 km, 15,000 km and 30,000 km.
  • For the Testastretta DVT engine, check the vehicle at 1,000 km, 15,000 km and 30,000 km.

2. Special privileges cover the maintenance of the following.

  • Oil Change Service
  • Oil Change Oil Change Service
  • Engine Air Filter Replacement Service
  • Service Valve Valve with Valve Valve
  • Service change spark plug
  • Round Belt Change Service
  • Brake fluid replacement service
  • Oil Change Shock Service
  • Auditing services with a particular analysis tool of Ducati.

3. Special privileges for the Smart Service Package for Ducati motorcycle owners to access the service from official Ducati dealers nationwide only.

4. The price of the package. Brake pad not included Chains & Stringers & Batteries The price of brake pads start at __ per piece and the price of brake pad after starting at __ per piece for chain and the price starts from __ and the battery of all models will be __ except battery price. Of the Superbike is __

5. For model motorcycles. Streetfighter / Superbike 848 / Superbike 1098 / Superbike 1198/1199 Panigale / 1299 Panigale and Monster 1200 will receive a 15% labor discount and 30%

6. The Smart Service Package can not be used with the Owner Reward Program and other promotions.

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of service. As mentioned by the company. It is deemed appropriate without prior notice.

Smart Warranty

In addition to pride in possession of the great legends of the best of Italy. With performance touch And Ducati’s superior experience of all new Ducati motorcycles gives you more peace of mind with the 24-month Warranty.

You can learn more about the terms and conditions of the warranty from. “motorcycle Service Manual”

Warranty exclusion

This warranty will be terminated in the following circumstances:

  • Motorcycles used in all types of sport.
  • Motorcycles for rent
  • Tire, which is covered by a tire manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Parts worn by normal use of motorcycles.(For example, chain-stop gear, throttle cable, clutch cable, spark plug, brake, and clutch that require friction)
  • Batteries that are not properly maintained.(Not using the car for a long time may damage the battery. If the car is not used for more than 4 weeks, the customer is responsible for determining the appropriate Trickle Charger charger by following the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain the battery charge status. Or remove the battery from the car. If the battery is stored for more than 3 months, the battery needs to be recharged every 3 months. Please refer to the relevant chapter in the owner’s manual.)
  • Repairs and maintenance are not carried out according to the mileage specified by the vehicle manual and repairs are carried out in a center not appointed by Ducati.
  • Use of non-Ducati parts and / or accessories.
  • Failure to follow the instructions of the vehicle and equipment contained in the owner’s manual.
  • Vehicle modification by customer and / or third parties without the express approval of Ducati.
  • Customers ignored the car navigation campaign following the call of Ducati.