BJ Ang on the Panigale V2
2019 Ducati Cup Racer of the year

So let me give you several reasons why Panigale V2 is not only for those with bike expertise but for everyone who looks for enjoyment, pride and assurance in their bikes.

First, these bikes were created under almost perfect ergonomics. Let’s face it; Italy has the superior quality, standards, environment and the wherewithal to develop these machines of the future. No offense. But Ducati is not even comparable to the ones you buy from China or elsewhere.

Secondly, if you are looking for power, Panigale V2 is the answer. As we all know most bikers would look for power. As I have said earlier, Panigale V2 is just considered a midbike and not a superbike by its manufacturers. However, the new V2 comes in 959cc V-twin Superquadro engine that delivers sure power. It is fitted with a cat-packed Euro5 exhaust. Power is up 5bhp to 153bhp and torque increases a whisker, thanks to its new underslung pipe, higher-flow injectors and bigger V4-esque intakes.

Thirdly, Ducati is highly flexible. I mean what other bikes out there that you can jazz up as you please. With Ducati, you can make it look like after your personality or sense of style. Styling your bike I guess is a man thing. If you look around Metro Manila, you will see a lot of scooters being redesigned by their owners for the simple reason of self-gratification. Although, they are already perfect as they are and would not require further styling. One can easily jazz up their Ducati.

Featuring a six-axis Bosch IMU, the Panigale V2 electronics package also brings ABS Cornering EVO, Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO, and lean-angle-sensitive Engine Brake Control (EBC) EVO. By expanding on this, the DTC offers eight sensitivity settings and off, four levels of DWC, three each for EBC and ABS, a choice of two ride-by-wires throttle response settings. An option to reduce peak engine output to 105 hp.
Helping make sense of the plethora of variables is a trio of selectable ride modes labelled Race, Sport, and Street providing factory set values for each of the parameters.

Better still; the modes can be fully customized within the menu system of the new 4.5-inch TFT dash to suit personal preference. A practical example of this is the ability to program each mode with identical preferred settings with the exception of assigning a unique DTC level to each, thus
Fourthly, Panigale V2 is compact and lighter than a super bike. Without further explaining, it’s always convenient to drive around town or speed of to a remote area in the region as you can easily control your bike. Who likes getting back pains and feeling rocky on top of a heavy, bulky and complicated bike? With Panigale V2, you are immobile.

“kasi mas manipis yung upuan nya at magaan than the usual kaya kayang kaya mong icontrol with less effort at kumportable pa.”
Fifthly, Panigale V2 and all Ducatis now come with a state-of-the-art computer system and impeccable electronics. The electronics are simply off the chart, something that you don’t normally find from other brands. The Ducati’s Human Machine Interface (HMI), ABS cornering, traction control, wheelie control, Quick Shift up and down, and engine brake control are actually what you pay for.

If you are not aware of it yet, Ducati’s engine braking control feature is especially useful on the Superquadro engine. The electronic works in this bike provides Anit-Locking Braking System (ABS) package that has the rear-wheel slide feature, wheelie control, and traction control features.
The six-axis IMU also enhances the traction control feature, letting the rear wheel slide when you are on the gas, with confidence and control. With that comes a separate and distinct wheelie control system, which is a welcomed addition to the v-twin superbike.

This mechanism also allows you to disable ABS on the rear wheel, and rear-wheel lift mitigation for the front wheel.

Lastly, if you combine all these, what you get is not just a wonder bike but most importantly a safe machine for a worry-free ride.

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By BJ Ang 2019 Ducati Cup Racer of the year