The Land of Joy
Unleash your inner rally raider.

DesertX Rally

Race Wilder

Whether you’re looking for off-road adventure or the competition of a rally-raid, DesertX Rally is here to help you conquer the toughest challenges and push yourself beyond every limit.

Unleash your dreams

Born in the desert and raised off-road, the DesertX Rally is ready to accompany you on your most extreme adventures with its top-notch professional off-roading equipment.
The presentation of the latest, even more off-road-oriented addition to the DesertX family.

Exploration with supreme performance

DesertX Rally is a high-performance machine, designed to cross desert, rock and forest and satisfy your desire to conquer.

Adventure has no limits.

Find the ideal clothing with which to tackle your latest challenge or essential accessories to round out your equipment.

Flaunt DesertX style with the new Explorer outfit


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